Trevor Caswell

1. Trevor saved up money from summer jobs to buy his first guitar when he was 13

2. Trevor once played in a Beatles tribute band called Revolution 9

3. The one song that can make Trevor cry is "Brownsville Girl" by Bob Dylan (seeing Brian Wilson perform "In My Room" live also once had the same effect)

4. Favourite beer is Swan's Extra Special Bitter (with Rogue Double Dead Guy a close second)

5. Favourite pizza shop is The Joint in Victoria B.C. but used to be the original Amato's on Yonge St. in Toronto

6. Favourite food is Chinese which he breaks down into three categories: Authentic, Western, and Mall

7. Trevor is a collector and enthusiast of Pu-ehr tea. His favourite tea shop is The Chinese Tea Shop in Vancover's China Town.

8. It's been too long since Trevor last performed in Winnipeg

9. The first song Trevor learned was "Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash, the most recent is "One of These Days" by Neil Young

10. His dream sponsorship would be from Fluevog Shoes


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