Becoming Charlemagne Review

How does a book with the subtitle “Europe, Baghdad, and the Empires of A.D. 800” sound to you? Dry and textbookish? You would certainly think that but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Orson Welles's Last Movie Review

Orson Welles first movie, Citizen Kane from 1941, is largely regarded as the greatest film ever made. His last movie project remained unfinished and Josh Karp’s book “Orson Welles’s Last Movie: The Making of the Other Side of the Wind” traces the making of Orson’s next masterpiece.

Beatles '66 Review

“Beatles ’66: The Revolutionary Year” by Steve Turner is not just for the Beatles fan. Anyone interested in modern history will enjoy reading this book about what was a revolutionary year in music, art, literature and nearly everything else. It takes the reader on a month by month journey of The Beatles lives as a group and increasingly as individuals from December 1965 through to December 1966.

Chapter 4

Floreat Regina: Let the Queen Flourish. Regina is a royal word, and the city celebrates its connection to the British monarchy. The name was chosen by Princess Louise, herself the namesake of Lake Louise, in honour of her mother, Queen Victoria. A grand new name for a new capital city in a new territory. The Queen City they call it, and Elizabeth II in statue rides a horse in front of the legislative buildings, carrying on the lineage of her great-great-grandmother.

Chapter 3

Old Jim and Katey tiptoed out of their bedroom and down the hallway of their apartment. Katey giggled as she peeked into the living room where Pepe lay asleep on the couch with his mouth wide open, quietly snoring. He complained about never getting any sleep at their place but whenever she looked in on him, it seemed like he was having a good rest.

Chapter 2

Old Jim wasn’t really old, or at least not any older than the rest of them, but growing up he had a friend also named Jim, and since Old Jim was older by a few months, that’s what they called him. Young Jim was later killed in an accident at the potash mine, but Old Jim stayed Old Jim. Six and a half feet tall with wide shoulders and big arms, he looked like a giant lumberjack from a storybook.

Chapter 1...

Pepe lay flat on a log on the bank of Wascana Creek. In his hand was a biography of Gabriel Dumont but he’d stopped reading and instead he stared up at a stark blue prairie winter sky. It was the end of March and in Regina winter was finally coming to a finish but Pepe already wore shorts and flip-flop sandals. He didn’t care about the cold anymore. He was sick of it. He did wear his heavy parka though, so he must’ve cared somewhat, but he told himself he didn’t.

Leland and Rufus

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Or do you?”
This is how most conversations with Leland went.

Differences Between Hybridization and Genetic Modification

The difference between Hybridized and Genetically Modified foods is often confusing for people. Many believe that people have been genetically modifying things for thousands of years when in reality...

Hector and the Egg

Struggling inside the goose, Hector discovered a golden egg. “We’ll be rich and famous!” he thought as he excitedly took it home to his wife Maria.

It Was All Wrong...

It was all wrong-
    like walking around
    in a migraine

Catch this...

Saturday morning late
coffee, peanut butter and honey toast
after 2 in the morning
talk session

Old Grey Buddha Rock

Old grey Buddha rock
mountain side
two feet high
    and flat on top
so that for thousands
of years
beings have rested
upon it’s mossy comfort

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